The odds of making it as a professional athlete in America is around .01%. In college football, there are 128 division 1 football teams with anywhere from 50-80 athletes in each program. There are 312 division 2 schools, and 442 division 3 schools! There are only 256 picks in the NFL draft. The odds of actually making it onto a team are overwhelming.

Fred Wilson has experienced how difficult it is to realize the dream of playing professional football. ! He had an outstanding college football career at UNLV recording big plays against powerhouse schools like UCLA, Michigan, and other big name university teams. He went through the mentally and physically grueling combine training prep and his numbers improved tremendously over the nine weeks of training. He has all he needs to play professional football other than the opportunity.

But because UNLV Football does not consistently produce world class talent, Fred was overlooked by the NFL scouts. He didn’t give up. He is a competitor so with every discouraging call he just trained harder, got better, and believed he could will it to happen. Fred has entertained some offers, and while there is some potential on the horizon, he is determined to be at his very best when he gets the call and trains each day as if that call could come at any time.

Fred views the setbacks as fuel, and the time spent waiting for an opportunity as a time to improve. He is training in the gym, and on the field running drills, so that when that call comes he will be at his very best. That, more than an early opportunity to play, will make him a more resilient player and both physically and mentally tough.

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