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A Bit About Us

Nash Performance Training Center is owned and operated under the guidance of  a Two-Time Superbowl champion and All-American Wide Receiver for the University of Tennessee Marcus Nash. He is the master mind behind the creation and facilitation of the Power Angle Progression™ training regime and overseas all programming with every athlete.

This program is implemented in order to assist and improve the  speed, strength, and power  of NPTC athletes. Becoming a Strength and conditioning coach was a natural move for Nash after realizing improvements could be made in the 40 yard dash for NFL Combine Athletes. Despite his  high school all-American, collegiate all-American, and a first round draft pick status, he knew more could be done to help athletes excel to the best of their ability. Nash believes if an athlete is struggling in certain areas of their performance, there is a way to identify it and correct it, giving the athlete a better chance to fulfill their dream.  It’s this attention to detail that makes the difference at NPTC.  Not only do you get a coach that has  experience on all levels training, but he also seen success as well as the cause of not addressing issues with the body that can lead to an unsatisfactory performance or lead to an  injury in an athlete. Taking all his experience on both sides of the game and  applying them to his coaching, he’s been able to develop athletes  from the mindset of there is always a way to improve an athlete. you just need to pay more attention to them, have faith in them, and cause them to believe more in themselves. Residing in Las Vegas, Nash turned his vision from just helping athletes fulfill their dreams to allowing  them to have a better understanding on the why, the how, and the must do in order to achieve the level of success they are trying to achieve.  Nash’s own Pro Day at The University of Tennessee started this journey of paving the way to acquiring the individual attention he felt was needed in order to produce better results. A combination that makes Nash Performance Training Center unique to the Performance Training world.