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Vertimax and Raptors are the innovation of Sports Performance Training

All Sports are welcome. Contact us today to learn more about our Vertimax Specific Programming


This class is geared towards the structural and foundational development of each athlete. All athletes grow at different rates and many coaching programs don’t take this into consideration. If you start your athlete early enough and build of the core systems to be stabilized by the time they are in high school they’ll be a machine able to perform at it’s highest level. why risk injury or through your child into a program that isn’t taking the time to build them up to handle the intensity of the next level?

our program will do more than just challenge them, it also develops a strong structural system that will allow them to out perform their peers. why wait till high school to correct errors when you can start building error free.

Whether you’re just starting out in Performance Training or a seasoned athlete this Program is designed to  expand on the foundational development by purely focusing on Performance. Each athlete will still have the core structure  but the main focus will be enhancing the athletes abilities by utilizing the uniqueness of Vertimax. We’ll be able to target the necessary areas to enhance your abilities. It’s never to late to get better. 

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